Individuals Facing Deportation

Refugee & Asylum Cases

Students represent asylum seekers fleeing persecution from gangs, cartels, and domestic violence. Students develop client and witness declarations, conduct complex legal research, prepare asylum submissions, and represent clients in immigration court.

Matter of S

Alejandro Martinez-Inzunza, '21, and Maria Elizabeth Trujillo, '21 represented S, a native of Cameroon seeking asylum based on political persecution. Students conducted weekly in-person meetings with S, worked extensively with expert witnesses, collected letters of support from A’s family and friends, prepared R for his asylum interview, and represented him at his interview at the Asylum Office.

Matter of T

Eric Rodriguez, '20, Marika O'Connor Grant, '20, and Neil Damron,'20, represented T, a native of Cameroon who fled his country due to political persecution and who seeks asylum in the U.S. Students conducted many fact-gathering interviews with T, drafted a detailed declaration in support of his asylum application, researched country conditions, and drafted research memos containing detailed analysis regarding T's asylum claims.

Matter of D

Priscilla Hernandez, '20, Danny Martinez, '20, and Meghan Koushik, '19 represented D, a woman from Guatemala who was the victim of severe physical and sexual violence at the hands of her ex-captor. Students engaged in the final preparations for D's immigration court hearing, where the judge would decide if D could remain in the U.S. Students prepared and filed D's pre-hearing brief and supporting materials, prepared for direct and cross examination through various client meetings and moot courts, corresponded with expert witnesses, and represented D at her final hearing. The immigration judge granted D Withholding of Removal, which allows her to remain in the U.S.

Matter of R

Hayden Rodarte, '19, and Makeba Rutahindurwa, '19, represented R, a domestic violence survivor from Honduras who fled to the United States seeking asylum. Hayden and Makeba conducted multiple client interviews, researched R's eligibility for asylum, drafted her declaration in support of asylum, and represented R at her first hearing in San Francisco Immigration Court.

Matter of P

Michaela Ross, '20 and Allison Rothschild, '20, represented P, a woman from Guatemala who fled to the United States escaping an abusive, forced relationship. Students met with P on a weekly basis, drafted her declaration and a legal brief in support of her asylum application, and conducted several witness interviews to finalize letters of support for P's case.

Matter of N

David Huang, '19, Sophia Carrillo '18, Yvette Borja, '18, and Hannah Coleman, '19 represented N, a native of Fiji who sought asylum in the United States based on fear of political persecution. Students drafted and filed N's pre-hearing brief and collected evidence in support of his application. Students also represented N at his final hearing in immigration court, where he was granted asylum.

Undocumented Residents

Students work on various cases to assist undocumented residents seeking status in the United States. Students interview clients, draft declarations, and represent clients in immigration court.

Matter of F

Carolina Herrera, '21, and Noelle Smith, '21 represented F, a native of Nigeria who was served with a notice to appear in immigration court after entry to the U.S. with an expired visa. F is a mother to two U.S citizen children and has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years. Students conducted many in-person interviews with F, filed a detailed and extensive evidentiary submission with the court, prepared F for her final hearing, engaged with expert witnesses, prepared and conducted direct examination, and represented F at her final hearing at immigration court.

Matter of G

Brett Diehl, '21, and Taylor Evensen, '21, represented G, a mother and longtime resident of California who was placed in immigration detention when ICE learned she is undocumented. G was brought to the U.S. from Mexico as a child and has lived in the U.S. ever since. Students conducted extensive research to investigate G’s eligibility for relief, drafted a pre-trial statement that was filed with immigration court, engaged with opposing counsel, participated in several moot courts in preparation for G’s hearing, and represented G at her initial hearing in immigration court. Students also had the opportunity to visit G at the detention facility where she is incarcerated.

Matter of N

Derin McLeod, '20 and Kwan Kim, '20 represented N, a mother and longtime resident of San Mateo County who was given a deportation order following an arrest from ICE. Students conducted multiple client interviews, finalized and filed N's pre-hearing brief and supporting documents, prepared for direct examination, cross examination, and objections through moot courts, corresponded with expert witnesses, and represented N at her hearing.

Immigrants with Past Convictions

Students contribute to key cases at the intersection of immigration and criminal law. Students who defend immigrants with past convictions learn complex legal analysis and writing skills, detailed factual investigation, develop legal arguments and write complex briefs filed before the immigration court and federal courts of appeals.

Matter of T

Trillium Chang, '21, and Mishi Jain, '21 represented T, a native of the Philippines and longtime lawful permanent resident who was placed in removal proceedings for prior criminal convictions. Students investigated the charges placed by the government, researched his eligibility for cancellation of his removal, prepared T for his hearing through various moot courts and in-person meetings, and successfully represented T at his initial hearing at immigration court.

Matter of L

Diana Sanchez, '20, and Liz Lagerfeld, '20, represented L, a lawful permanent resident who is detained by ICE due to past criminal convictions. Students prepared and filed a Motion to Terminate D's immigration proceedings on the basis that the charges are legally insufficient. Students also drafted research memos on L's criminal convictions, visited L at the detention facility where he is being held, and prepared to represent him at his next immigration hearing.

Matter of T

Aaron Bray, '19 and Erika Hoglund, '19 represented T, a lawful permanent resident who had been living in the United States since she was 5 years old. T was taken into custody by ICE after having served a prison sentence for past criminal convictions. Students drafted various legal memos based on their research, filed a motion to terminate her immigration proceedings on the basis that the charges against her were legally insufficient, and also visited T at the facility where she was being detained.