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Registration for 2016-17 Clinics is Now Open

Interested in taking a clinic next year? Apply now!

The application system is OPEN for student applications, and will close on Monday, June 13th (at 11:59 p.m. PDT). Log into the Match System to get started. But first, check out the resources below for all there is to know about clinics!

Apply Now

Did you miss the information and registration events held this Spring?

Take a look at video clips and presentation slides from the March 1st information event  and the slides from the May 19th registration event. Check back here—videos from the 5/19 event will be posted soon.

What should you think about when considering clinic options?

Read the Clinic Overview and consult the 2016-17 clinic course schedule as well as the SLS Course Grid. Apply to at least four different clinics or six different clinic quarters to maximize your chances of admission.

What is it like to participate in a clinical program and work in our offices?

Check out these resources for guidance on what to expect in your clinical quarter:

Specific clinic web pages
Memo from Professor Brodie: What You’ll Learn in Clinic
Mills Legal Clinic Policies

Have you already taken a clinic and have interest in returning to the Advanced Clinic?

Check in with the instructors for your clinic to discuss advanced clinic opportunities. Match System currently only handles registration for full-time clinics.

Want more information on clinical programs?

Contact us! Clinic instructors are available and happy to answer any questions you have, so be in touch. Also, read up on the great work of current and former students, event announcements, and interviews with SLS/clinic alums on the MLC Blog and Facebook.