The Location


The Mills Legal Clinic is housed on the first floor of the recently constructed, award-winning William H. Neukom building at Stanford Law School. The clinic is a collaborative space in which students, clinic directors, supervising attorneys and staff assemble. An open-plan office with 72 workstations is designed to foster team-style learning and informal interactions among clinic students and faculty. Satellite conference rooms off the main space can be used for research and writing or for private client consultations. Glass partitions and nine skylights diffuse natural light throughout the floor, connecting the building’s interior to its exterior. “Wipeable” glass alternative and “dry erase” painted walls make for modern and attractive writing surfaces. Overall, the clinic space is designed to encourage collaboration and reflect the school’s vision for a dynamic, hands–on approach to legal education.

Contact Information
Neukom Building
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA 94305-8610
tel. (650) 724-1900

The Community Law Clinic is the only one of the in-house clinics with a community-based office. The off-campus location east side of Hwy. 101 provides students with a unique experience and easy access for local clients (of both CLC and other clinics, who frequently use the CLC space for client meetings). Similar to the Neukom office, the Community Law Clinic office utilizes open-plan workstations for up to 30 students.

Contact Information
2275 E. Bayshore Rd., Suite 100
Palo Alto, CA 94303
tel. (650) 725-9200