Our Services

We do corporate work. We review governance practices. We prepare bylaws, committee charters, and other governance documents. We review and draft contracts and MOUs, prepare template documents, and help plan and execute transactions. We provide advice about corporate structure, growth strategies, merger planning, business model, program, and collaboration design, intellectual property protection, risk assessment, and other big picture matters.

Representative Projects (Generally)

Our Services 2

We’ve provided comprehensive governance advice, documents, and board briefings to dozens of nonprofits ranging from urban arts organizations to rural community health centers.

Contracts and MOUs
We’ve drafted a wide variety of contracts and MOUs, including grant, loan, lease, event rental, collaboration, consulting, corporate sponsorship, and commercial co-venture contracts, as well as everyday documents such as contractor, non-disclosure, liability waiver, and volunteer agreements.

Corporate structure and fiscal sponsorship
We’ve advised multiple nonprofits about corporate structure, subsidiary, affiliate, and chapter matters, and developed fiscal sponsorship project, operating, and transfer documents.

Growth models, mergers and collaborations
We’ve worked with numerous organizations on geographic expansion planning, mergers, and collaboration, affiliate, alliance, and coalition relationships.

Intellectual property
We’ve developed licenses, policies, toolkits, training materials, website terms, and releases relating to a range of copyright and trademark matters.

Risk assessment and compliance
We’ve provided risk assessment and compliance program advice to a wide variety of organizations, including food bank, health care, charter school, philanthropic, and youth nonprofits.

Representative Projects (Selected Fields)

Our Services

Agriculture and food system programs
We’ve created market rules, farm audit, market site, and other documents for farmers’ market operators. We’ve developed documents for food bank, beginning farmer, commercial kitchen, community garden, catering, produce gleaning, land trust, community financing, and urban-edge farming programs.

Arts organizations
We’ve developed teaching artist, artist residency, studio and facility use, exhibition, curator, choreographer, lighting design, costume design, set design, co-production, honorarium, rights and permissions, grant, and sponsorship agreements for visual and performing arts organizations and museums.

Business incubator programs
We’ve created program documents for arts, culinary, fashion, farming, technology, and other business incubator organizations.

Education and social service programs
We’ve provided advice and created contract and program documents for education, career development, health care, housing, legal services and other service programs.

What We Don’t Do

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Please note that our scope does not include employment law. As such, we’re not in position to prepare or update employee handbooks and policies. Our scope also does not include trademark clearance or registration, data security and privacy, IT, labor, real estate purchases and sales, or complex tax matters. And, as noted elsewhere on this site, we don’t form new nonprofits — incorporations and applications for tax-exempt status are not in scope for us.