SLS Black Alumni Association

Our Mission

  • To build relationships among Black SLS alumni given the commonality of our experiences as Black students at SLS.
  • To engage with, support and mentor current BLSA students, creating a support network for them during law school and as they transition to legal practice.
  • To support SLS in ensuring that all students have a quality education regarding race and the law and in promptly addressing issues of racial diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Alumni Spotlight: The Inimitable Amari Hammonds, JD '17

You may have had the pleasure of meeting Amari during her time in law school when she was heavily involved with BLSA. As Academic Chair, Amari undertook several initiatives, including working to help demystify activities like the Law Review and Supreme Court Clinic for interested Black students. These days, Amari is a litigator in San Francisco, who has, in just a few years of practice, already won recognition for her brilliant writing and advocacy.

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