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The Stanford Center for Racial Justice functions as a research, writing, and dissemination machine for world changing ideas. We strive to offer the best and most reliable source of insight for people who want to understand the racial dimensions of the issues that most divide our nation, and especially as those issues intersect with the dynamics of economic inequality.

Safety Beyond Policing: Promoting Care Over Criminalization Report

In April 2021, the Stanford Criminal Justice Center (SCJC) and Stanford Center for Racial Justice, in partnership with the African American Mayors Association, released a report, Safety Beyond Policing: Promoting Care Over Criminalization, that summarized the most successful “selective de-policing” techniques and offered alternatives to armed police intervention. The report comes from a policy practicum Selective De-Policing: Operationalizing Concrete Reforms, co-taught by Stanford Law Professors Ralph Richard Banks, David Sklansky and Robert Weisberg, along with Debbie Mukamal, SCJC executive director.

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Selective De-Policing: A Stanford Law Team Proposes New Routes to Public Safety in Racially Diverse Communities 1