Stanford Program in Law and Society

The Stanford Program in Law and Society is a student-run program aimed at promoting and advancing socio-legal interdisciplinary scholarship. This Program showcases Stanford Law School’s leading Law and Society research, and raises awareness of Law and Society as a rigorous discipline in the analysis of law in the broader societal context. It regularly features speakers and conferences, workshops and fellowships, and provides mentorship for young scholars in SLS Law-and-Society-oriented academic programs such as JD/PhD in Sociology, SPILS and JSD.

The Seventh Conference for Junior Researchers

The Seventh Conference for Junior Researchers will be rescheduled due to the spread of COVID-19.

2021-22 Board Members

Gloria Paidamoyo Chikaonda
Yutang Hsiao

Finance Chair
Wanjiku Karanja

Board Members
Amarilda Ulrich
Ashrita Gulati
Bertille Gauducheau
Cristian Eyzaguirre
David Chriki
Elias Van Gool
Jung-Jung Fan
Ludmilla Martins da Silva
Luis Bergolla
Luz Daniel
Madison Marko
Mao-wei Lo
Mariana Castrellon
Mikayla Amber Brier-Mills
Nina He
Shaufang Cheng
Sherah Tan
Shivani Sagar Kalra
Takuma Iwasaki
Vitor Vieira
Ying-Yi Lin

Past Conferences

Past Events