Stanford Program in Law and Society

The Stanford Program in Law and Society is a student-run program aimed at promoting and advancing socio-legal interdisciplinary scholarship. This Program showcases Stanford Law School’s leading Law and Society research, and raises awareness of Law and Society as a rigorous discipline in the analysis of law in the broader societal context. It regularly features speakers and conferences, workshops and fellowships, and provides mentorship for young scholars in SLS Law-and-Society-oriented academic programs such as JD/PhD in Sociology, SPILS and JSD.

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Stanford Program in Law and Society Fourth Conference for Junior Researchers (May 12-13, 2017)

The Stanford Program in Law and Society (SPLS) at Stanford Law School is pleased to announce its Fourth Conference for Junior Researchers. This two-day conference seeks to provide a stimulating platform where junior researchers from around the world can present their current research projects on law and society and receive input from faculty and other participants. It also seeks to build a community and network of young scholars in law and society. The conference will also feature a keynote address by an internationally renowned scholar, and an optional research methods workshop for conference participants.

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The Board

Board Members

Arm Tungnirun
Shih-Chun (Steven) Chien
Rolando Garcia Miron
Thiago Nascimento dos Reis
Yoomin Won
Maria Cecilia Garibotti
Francisco Figueira
Vyoma Jha
Leah Hubinger
Virgilio Ramos De Los Reyes
Arjuna Dibley
Nicolas Torres-Echeverry
Samuel Ruiz-Tagle

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