2015 Conference: On Law and Social Transformations

2015 Conference: On Law and Social Transformations


The Stanford Program in Law and Society (SPLS) at Stanford Law School is pleased to announce its Second Conference for Junior Researchers. Following the success of last year’s Inaugural Conference, this event seeks to continue the community-building process by providing a forum where aspiring scholars from around the globe can meet to present and discuss their current projects on law and society and create a fruitful ground for future cooperation. The conference is specially designed for junior researchers to present their work in progress and receive input from faculty and other participants, while promoting vibrant discussions and the exchange of ideas. The conference will also allow participants to develop their research skills through a special workshop.

Conference Theme

We live in a dynamic world, where social attitudes, realities, norms, practices, and needs are constantly evolving. Consequently, questions about what role law plays in creating those changes or following those transformations arise. Is law an efficient instrument to promote the development of societies, groups, institutions, and markets? Or should we be more cautious about the power of law to bring about social transformations? When does law lag behind changing societies, institutions, and markets? Or maybe law is just not the relevant framework for discussing these changes?

Research on the relationship between law and society has always been interested in how law connects with developments in society as well as circumstances where law is considered a cornerstone for implementing new norms. How does law function as a building block for constructing a change in norms? What are the conditions that allow law to keep pace with social transformations? How do changes in moral perceptions or social attitudes affect the way people regard the law? In other words, what is the relationship – if one exists – between developments outside the legal realm and the legal system itself?

This interdisciplinary conference will explore these questions and more.

The conference is free and open to the Stanford community and the general public. Please feel free to attend some or all panels.

Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is available here: SPLS 2015 Conference Schedule

Conference Materials

Panelists’ biographies are available here: SPLS 2015 Panelist Biographies

Discussants’ biographies are available here: SPLS 2015 Discussant Biographies

Empirical Research Methods Workshop – Thursday, May 14, 4:30-6:00pm

An empirical research methods workshop will be held as part of the conference. This workshop will have two parallel sessions to choose from:

Quantitative Methods in Law: Antecedents and Directions


Professor Daniel E. Ho, Stanford Law School

Room 90

Conducting Interviews and Case Study in Law


Professor Deborah Hensler, Stanford Law School

Professor Manuel Gomez, Florida International University

Room 95

To RSVP for the workshop (for any of the two sessions), visit: http://goo.gl/forms/309CFcYUJF.


Please feel free to direct any questions to: stanfordlawandsociety@gmail.com