2017 Conference: Law, Innovation and Disruption

Stanford Program in Law and Society

Fourth Conference for Junior Researchers
Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA
May 12-13, 2016
Law, Innovation and Disruption

2017 Conference:


The Stanford Program in Law and Society (SPLS) at Stanford Law School is pleased to announce its Fourth Conference for Junior Researchers. This two-day conference seeks to provide a stimulating platform where junior researchers from around the world can present their current research projects on law and society and receive input from faculty and other participants. It also seeks to build a community and network of young scholars in law and society. The conference will also feature a keynote address by an internationally renowned scholar, and an optional research methods workshop for conference participants.

Conference Theme: Law, Innovation and Disruption

Much legal research focuses on how parts of the legal system relate to each other, but in a static way. Law, however, can be a dynamic phenomenon. Changes in law – legal innovations – can be powerful tools that have a strong impact on society. This impact can be positive or negative. They can improve the rule of law; or interfere with it. They can achieve good goals, or prevent society from reaching these goals. Some practices or regulations can disrupt the status quo – for better or for worse. Some legal interventions codify existing custom; others disturb or interfere with customary behavior. This conference aims to bring together researchers who look at the dynamics of innovative laws and legal practices, as well as the legal challenges posed by moving social landscapes.

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Stanford Program in Law and Society Fourth Conference for Junior Researchers