Other Professional Education


This section provides information about DEI training efforts in professional schools other than law schools. For information about DEI trainings conducted as part of professional licensing requirements after professional school, see Does DEI Training Work?. Sources have been linked when feasible and links are to freely-available sources unless otherwise noted.

Medical Schools

This section includes materials about DEI efforts in the academic curricula and practices in medical, dental, psychological, psychiatric, and other physical and mental health graduate education. These materials have been divided into three categories:

  • Developing Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence, which discusses strategies for teaching these skills within medical education;
  • Increasing Diversity and Representation, which covers approaches to diversifying the profession through the medical school admissions process and practices in medical education; and
  • Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which provides tools for implementing DEI in medical schools.

When articles fell into multiple categories, they were placed into the category they were closest to.

Developing Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence

Increasing Diversity and Representation

Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Includes materials about DE&I training and practices in business school education.

Digital Guides


General Graduate Experience/ Other Professional Education

Includes materials regarding DEI training and practices in professional or graduate school programs other than those listed above, or for graduate school programs more generally.

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