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The most important classroom at SLS is the community our students, faculty and alumni create together.

At Stanford Law, we follow our own approach to legal education — one that is student-focused and community-inspired. Admitting fewer students than most other leading law schools, we sustain a close-knit culture, free of the traditional student/faculty hierarchy, in which it’s easy for students, faculty, staff and alumni to interconnect. In an atmosphere of comradery, academic pressure gives way to true intellectual stimulation. Competition becomes collaboration. Ideas evolve into solutions. Mentors become friends. Studying law becomes an enlightening, enriching experience at a school that strives to deliver the best learning experience possible.

Dynamic, Driven, Diverse …

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… collegial, supportive, engaged: These are just a few ways to describe the SLS community, which sustains a close-knit culture in the midst of a major research university.

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Student to faculty ratio of 7.3 to 1

Fewer students per faculty member means more opportunities for conversations and connections that make the difference between studying law and mastering it. SLS faculty members are here to spark original thinking, to help you customize an SLS education to your interests, and to support your ambitions.

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60+ SLS student organizations

SLS student organizations are your chance to make a difference on issues that matter to you while you build teamwork and leadership skills. Participation puts you in the collegial company of SLS peers who share your interests in law.

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Stanford University community and resources

World-leading schools and departments; Silicon Valley connections; museums, performances, and cultural events; sports and entertainment; Northern California’s iconic landscape and relaxed lifestyle — all are among the Stanford advantages that enrich life at SLS.

This was a nice alternative to regular law school classes where I always felt that I had to be serious to be taken seriously. … And the setting was incredible. Professor Gordon’s wife is a competitive tulip grower, and the house was filled with tulips.

Kendall Turner JD ‘13 on a faculty salon on Group Behavior at the home of Professor Robert Gordon, Stanford Lawyer, Issue 89

The Meaning of Life at SLS

Jennifer Oxley, JD ’16 —

"Life at SLS means making a difference in our community through an array of clinical and pro-bono opportunities, like equipping formerly incarcerated individuals with the necessary tools to become successful entrepreneurs, and providing traditional legal services to a low-income community."
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"Life at SLS means learning from today's leaders in the field alongside tomorrow's leaders in the field." —Chelsea Priest, JD '15

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"Life at SLS means studying alongside brilliant friends, then going outside for beach volleyball in January." —Marcus Bourassa, JD '16

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"Life at SLS means hard work, but in the best conditions and with the best people." — Sam Dippo, ‘15

"Life at SLS means surrounding yourself with classmates whose intellectual talent is only surpassed by their kindness."

— Steven Spriggs, JD ‘16

Interdisciplinary Living and Learning

At the heart of the Stanford campus and the center of university life, Munger Residence is an on-campus home base created specifically for Stanford Law and other Stanford graduate students. Lawyers-in-training had direct input in the design process, resulting in a setting that supports lively interaction among students in and beyond law, business and the sciences while providing respite from the intensity of law school.

Munger Residence brings the best of campus housing design to Stanford, where the limitless exchange of ideas fuels learning and innovation.  Open common areas; architecture that fosters community; the largest apartments on campus, with contemporary appointments and amenities; a café and convenience store — all contribute to a comfortable, collaborative living environment enriched by cross-disciplinary dialogue.

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SLS at Large

Around the country and across the globe. In the halls of policymaking and in the highest court in the land. On the front lines of international and community issues and in leading corporations. Leveraging creativity in startups and building bridges between law and medicine, environmental science, education, and more. Training and inspiring the next generation of lawyers and leaders … you will find SLS graduates virtually everywhere. Their close connections to the law school enrich the student experience.


Eduardo Bhatia, JD '90

[…] Bhatia has made the economy and strengthening the middle class in Puerto Rico a key focus of his service. He describes its challenges as a perfect storm, including the recession, poor energy management, and missed opportunities. […]

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Debra Zumwalt covered in Stanford Lawyer 91

[…] As Stanford’s chief legal officer, she oversees a staff of 16 lawyers who provide legal services to every part of the institution… issues surrounding knowledge creation, teaching, students, and faculty—not to mention the marching band. But that’s not all. […]

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John Owen

[…] Owens was nominated by President Obama in August 2013 and took his seat soon after confirmation. He is currently the youngest serving federal appellate court judge in the nation. […]

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Jonathan Greenberger, JD ‘13, in the control room during the production of This Week with George Stephanopoulos (Photo by Heidi Gutman/ABC)

Not even a year into his job as executive producer for ABC’s flagship Sunday morning news program This Week With George Stephanopoulos and the show was on a winning streak […] “I’m paid to learn about the world and think about it critically and to find ways to help our viewers learn something. How do I present the news in a compelling and thoughtful way? That’s a fun assignment,” says Greenberger.

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Daniel Lubetsky, JD '93

The founder of two food companies, KIND Healthy Snacks and PeaceWorks, Lubetzky [JD ’93] is a serial “social entrepreneur” who has made his life work about much more than the bottom line. This is a man deeply motivated to help bring about peace in the Middle East—and in everyday interactions.

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