Paul Goldstein

Paul L Goldstein

Paul Goldstein

  • Stella W. and Ira S. Lillick Professor of Law
  • Room N366, Neukom Building


  • Copyright Law
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Policy Practicum: Copyright Policy Practicum

One of today’s great challenges for creative production on and off the Internet is to connect creative users of copyrighted works with the works’ owners quickly and cheaply in order to enable licensed uses. With the United States Copyright Office as its client, this practicum will develop a feasibility study/rough prototype for a Web-based copyright clearance system. Law students will work with computer science and business students to inventory existing sources of copyright ownership information; explore with the managers of these sources (including the Copyright Office) protocols for integrating the sources in a Web-based platform; explore use protocols with potential copyright users; develop strategies for gathering ownership data that do not presently reside in databases; and develop (and possibly implement) criteria for platform-enabling software.

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