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Courses in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program (ENRLP) are designed for students planning to practice environmental law and for those interested in addressing public policy issues. The courses examine issues of broad relevance to public law, including the administrative process, statutory interpretation, alternative approaches to regulating economic activities, multi-party negotiation, and legal ethics. We encourage students from related disciplines to enroll.

Students may also take advantage of several exciting joint degree graduate programs, publish cutting edge legal scholarship in the Stanford Environmental Law Journal, experience hands-on legal work in the Environmental Law Clinic, and get involved with a variety of student environmental groups.  Read more about these opportunities below.

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Students may take advantage of several exciting joint degree graduate programs in connection with the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, Public Policy, International Relations, and the Business School.

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Environmental and natural resources law is one of the most rapidly changing fields in the legal profession. Decades ago, there was very little formal environmental regulation in this area. But today, there are myriad state, federal, and international laws seeking to curb environmental pollution and protect resources.

Uniquely situated in the heart of Silicon Valley and part of one of the world’s preeminent research universities, Stanford’s award-winning Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program has earned its reputation as a leading program for education and research in this dynamic field. Indeed, with a nationally renowned faculty praised for its cutting-edge research and practice, the program has revolutionized environmental education.

Stanford Law School graduates pursue a variety of distinguished careers in environmental and natural resources law. Our alumni currently hold positions in national environmental organizations, federal and state agencies, the White House, major corporations, law firms with strong environmental practices, and academia.

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