Chapter 5: Foot Pursuits

Introducing Our Model Use of Force Policy Beta Release

As part of SCRJ’s Model Use of Force Policy Beta Release, we will be posting individual chapters and accompanying explanatory materials. Read Chapter 5 Main Points and download our Fact Sheet.


Chapter 5 covers foot pursuits. It prioritizes, and recommends strategies for, preventing foot pursuits. It also establishes a clear threshold for authorizing a foot pursuit. And even when a foot pursuit is authorized, this Chapter sets forth requirements for the conduct of the pursuit, including that officers must continually reassess the basis for the pursuit, and that it must be stopped when no longer justified. 

This Chapter includes a High-Level Policy Summary outlining the overarching principles of the Chapter, the full Policy Language, a Supporting Memorandum providing the policy rationale and guidance, and a Comparison Memo Summary that compares this Chapter to certain other national, state, and local-level policies. 



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